What UKSSD does

  1. Provides a platform for organisations from all sectors to discuss and work collaboratively on specific sustainable development challenges.
  2. Acts as a staging-post for sustainable development initiatives, with members able to plug into a broad network of organisations for collaboration, discussion and advice.
  3. Maintains open dialogue with Government, enabling members to relay their views and priorities directly to government.

How UKSSD achieves its objectives

UKSSD runs a programme of events and initiatives to support its partners’ work on sustainable development. The planned programme includes:

  • Regular Webinar discussions led by leading figures in sustainable development.
  • Facilitated roundtable discussions that convene organisations from all sectors to discuss specific areas of sustainable development;
  • Formation of Working Groups able to co-create solutions to sustainable development issues identified as UK priorities by UKSSD partners;
  • A national conference, free to UKSSD partners, which will discuss UK priorities and support cross-sector collaboration on the SDGs in the UK;
  • Development of an online platform for discussions, event information and the sharing of resources.